About US

Established as a weaver , ZAS Textiles is much strong in terms of weaving. We have a big weaving setup. We have auto looms and shuttle less looms of different widths. We do almost all of our weaving at these looms.
On the other hand power, air jet, towel and jacquard fabric qualities are weaved by other weaving companies on annual contract basis.

Services and Features


We are providing a high quality fabrics which creates and enchanting effects in the ambiance of fashion industry our unique and captivating fabrics not only creates a fabulous effect but also produce innovative ideas with a glamorous effects.

we have a vast variety with a different kind of fabrics which give you prolific information with new trends in fashion industry and the most amazing and eye-catching facilities which we only provides is a customized dealing.

We have a proper elegant and intellectual team with us which can promptly facilitate you according to your requirements. We have a proper quality assurance department which always facilitate you and respond you and vanished all the deficiencies with in forth night.



We have an elegant packing which reflects our quality with innovative styles which really fascinating your hearts.


We have a proper high quality thread which reflect our standards into our products.